I possess a strong skillset in C, C++, and Javascript. I also have experience with Unrealscript, C#, HLSL, Java, and Typescript. I enjoy programming because it lets me solve challenging and unique problems while allowing me to constantly be learning new skills and improving myself. Currently, I’m a software engineer working on Super Jackpot Slots at Everi Interactive in Austin. I work mostly on the client side but occasionally work on the server side when the need arises. I am always looking for a new challenge! This website houses my old student projects and information on the games I've worked on. My resume can be found here.


When I'm not working or improving my skills, I like to play video and board games, read books and comics, bicycle, and play disc golf. I prefer action games like Batman and Uncharted, mobile games like Alpha Bear and Looty Dungeon, and RPGs like Legend of Zelda and Pokemon.