Since 2014, I've worked at Everi Games on a variety of internal teams on a range of different projects. More info on this work can be found in the Slots tab. I've worked in C++, Javascript, Actionscript, and Java, and I've dabbled in C#. I prefer to work in C++ but will work in whatever language is necessary for a project. In 2017, I published a small mobile game called Pie Squares, which was made in Lua on an early version of the Defold game engine. It is no longer available. My resume can be found here.


When I'm not working or improving my skills, I like to play games, read, ride my bike, lift weights, and watch baseball (go Cubs). I prefer action games like Batman and Uncharted, mobile games like Alpha Bear and Looty Dungeon, and RPGs like Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. Recently I decided to write a comic of my own which you can check out on gumroad or on