When I started working at Everi Games in 2014, back when it was still Multimedia Games, I made slot titles in C++ (called M11) before moving to our newer code base in Javascript (called MForce). After working on slot titles for about a year and ten months and lending a hand on anything I could during downtime in developement, I joined a newly formed team called the Core Technology Group, which was a team that served to support the development of all of our slot titles by building tools, augmenting the game engine, and building systems to streamline development. I stayed on that team for another year and seven months until the creation of the Everi Interactive division, which was created to build Everi's brand in the b2c and b2b mobile social and b2b online real money gambling spaces. For the next three years, I worked exclusively on the b2c mobile social apps in Java, C++, and actionscript, starting with Super Jackpot Slots and later High Rollin' Vegas. For these apps, I've done the following:

  • Created a particle editor tool for a custom version of the FFParticle system used in the Starling Engine
  • MForce to social math translation system
  • Challenge system
  • Promotional Pop Up System
  • Player Piggy Bank accumulation system and iap
  • Super Wheel iap
  • Dynamic Sale System
  • A/B Testing Systems
  • Player Install tracking integration
  • Rewarded Video Ad integration
  • First Time User Experience
  • Variable time user experience (Session after FTUE until session N)
  • Scripted competition wins
  • Dynamic Slot Lobby Ordering
  • Admin and QA tools for the above systems
  • Helped plan and schedule Live Ops updates as well as regularly managed these updated to make sure they released on time.
  • As needed, helped in the design of new version of the above systems/features for the next iteration of our social casinos.
  • As needed, assisted our Data Science team in creating dashboards for reviewing analytics, a/b tests, etc.
  • Developed Mobile First slot titles
  • Ported popular Everi slot machines to mobile/online
Since April 2020, I've transitioned to working on the b2b mobile social and b2b online real money side of the Everi Interactive division where I'll work on both back-end systems and porting of our more complex slot titles on our newer tech stack.

Super Jackpot Slots

Super Jackpot Slots is a mobile social casino app that features a number of Everi's popular slot machines. It featured both mechanical stepper titles and popular video titles.

High Rollin' Vegas

High Rollin' Vegas is a mobile social casino app that features a number of Everi's popular slot machines with a focus on mechanical stepper titles but does include a few 9-reel video titles.

Wild Aquarium

Wild Aquarium was my first professional game. It was written in C++. During this project, I learned how to use Jira and how to work and coordinate with an outsourced art studio.

El Toro

El Toro was written in C++. El Toro was originally started by another developer, but I picked up the project and implemented both bonuses.

The Kraken

The Kraken was written in C++. This game used a 2D skeletal system that I helped write. This system was used to create the Kraken in the bonus, the tentacles and the clouds in the base game.


Aeronauts was written in Javascript and was my first game on the new MForce platform. It was the first time I used Javascript, which I picked up quickly. During development of this game, I created a reusable mystery event controller.


Rumpelstiltskin was written in Javascript. It uses the previously mentioned skeletal system and mystery event controller. Additionally, I wrote a spline generator effect for our effect system and a simple reusable symbol dimming system.

Fire Sorceress

Fire Sorceress was written in Javascript. This game uses the symbol dimming system I wrote previously. This game had a unique bonus where wilds grew out of a special symbol. This mechanic was featured in a game on the older platform, but I worked on it before the original was ported and thus had to write the mechanic from scratch.

Jackpot Inferno

Jackpot Inferno was written in Javascript. This game uses the symbol dimming system I wrote previously. During this game I wrote a transition controller that uses render to texture and a shader to transition to and from a bonus. In the case of this game, the screen appears to burn away.

Double Eagle

Double eagle was written in Javascript. This game was a mechanical game (using physical reels). Probably the smallest game I made. The most interesting feature of this game is a ticker tape style messaging for the progressive prizes (Progressive are big cash prizes)

Quad Burst Tiger Strike

Quad Burst Tiger Strike was written in Javascript. For this game, I wrote a unique reel controller and a unique payline manager to handle the multireel behaviors of the game.